Awakening the Body


I invite you on a path of healing and awakening in your body, your own unique expression of self.  I am deeply passionate about healing, growth, and transformation. I explore with you the inter-connectedness of the body, the spirit, and the conscious and un-conscious mind.  Dis-comfort,  disease and pain are our bodies' expression of hidden and dis-connected parts of ourselves.  

Through my hands I bring energy, attention, light and consciousness allowing for deep transformational healing.

My scope of practice includes : Craniosacral work for issues related to the central nervous system, pediatric cranio-sacral, somato-emotional release for deeply held trauma, certified orthopedic massage for  the treatment of injuries and chronic pain, pre-natal and post-partum for the well being of mother and child,  and intuitive, energetic, and spiritual work that allow for a shift in consciousness from darkness into light and love.

I look forward to working with you.


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